Not Your Typical Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Rhiannon!

Pop Wedding Photography is different, like you. I started this because I wanted to do something different for weddings in Columbia, Missouri, and surrounding areas. I can completely rock the elegant wedding photography style, but the photos that really, ahem, pop out to me are the fun, colorful, dynamic ones.

That’s what Pop Weddings is known for.

I’ve shot over 100 weddings, and I keep coming back for more. Every story is different, and I truly believe that our clients are the best ones out there.

You know that whole quote about choosing a job you love and never actually having to work a day in your life?

Well, for me, wedding photography is that job. I’m in love with our work and our clients, and I know we’ve got a good thing going.

Love is my entire life.


Weddings are my jam. By the end of your wedding day, we’ve all been smiling so much our cheeks hurt.



You can trust that we have everything under control and always have your best interest at heart.


Pop Wedding clients choose us because we know how to have a good time. We’ll be BFFs by the end of your day.


Having a super stuffy, black tie wedding where everyone will be aloof and snooty? I’m not the photographer for you.

Rhiannon Trask
Owner & Photographer

Welcome friends! Since high school, I’ve been described as everyone’s personal cheerleader and a perfectionist who thrives under pressure. I’m enthusiastic, a little too smiley, and damn good at my job!

In my spare time, I like to hang out with my 10-year old son and aspiring computer hacker, Andrew. I am a music lover and reluctant runner, and my hobbies include traveling, reading, yoga, and wine drinking.

Let’s do this, team!

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