Exact same photographer.

Exact same photography.

Just a new name!

This is huge, you guys.

But first things first, Lollipop Photography is not going away! I’ll still be capturing all of your sweet family memories, newborn awesomeness, and childhood milestones.

Mini sessions will still be held. Lollipops will still be given. Everything on the family side of the business stays the same.

The wedding part of the business will be spun off into a new company with a new name.


Half of my friends think I’m a marketing genius…and half of them think I’m crazy.

I mean, let’s be honest, Lollipop is more wildly successful than I could have ever dreamed. I LITERALLY have the best job in the world, the best clients in town, and—as anyone who’s tried to schedule a photo session lately knows—I’m not hurting for business.

So why shake things up?

Well, there are several reasons.

You see, when I started Lollipop Photography, I was planning on doing a handful of weddings, but was going to mainly be focused on babies, kids, and families.

Hence, the name.

(And it’s a perfect name for families, right?)


The memories of being dragged to weddings every weekend as a teenager made me convinced that wedding photography was not really for me.

And then I shot my first wedding on my own.


You guys.

It was like something clicked.

(Ha! Camera…click…get it? That was a terrible joke…)

After about a year of doing a wedding here and there, I discovered my wedding groove, and it’s been full speed ahead ever since.


However, the marketing person in me has always struggled with how the name Lollipop Photography works into weddings.

Here’s why this new brand makes sense:

 Lollipop, though memorable, is an awkward name for weddings.

Imagine standing in front of a wedding guest, who is dressed to the nines in sequins or a tux, and responding to the question, “What’s your company name?” with “Lollipop Photography.”

It’s weird, you guys.

Imagine a groom having a poker night with his buddies and being asked, “My fiance asked me to ask you who your wedding photographer was,” and that poor groom responding with “Lollipop Photography.”


It’s not a wedding photographer name.

There’s a disconnect between the name, the Lollipop brand, and the quality of my wedding images.

Let’s get real honest here…I have worked my butt off to get my image quality and consistency to where it is today.

And I am damn proud of my photography right now.

However, when you hear “Lollipop Photography,” the type of wedding images that come to mind aren’t necessarily the direction I’m going in.

Lollipop_logo_web (2)

The Lollipop Photography branding, colors, and logo are very intentionally targeted towards families who want whimsical photos of their children. It has proved VERY difficult to translate that brand into a more refined, sophisticated look that the wedding market demands.

This change gives us a chance to separate the two businesses and focus on the clients that need each type of service.

It is hard to speak to both brides and families with young kids at the same time.

I distinctly remember being a bride-to-be. I loved that time in my life – planning a wedding, setting up a household, and planning for the future. I also remember—very clearly—giving zero fucks about children at that stage in my life.

(Sorry for the language, mom, but it’s true.)


I also distinctly remember being a mom-to-be. I was building a wardrobe of tiny clothes, choosing paint colors for the nursery, and trying to figure out the best parenting tips…definitely not paying attention to people getting married.


As social media takes over our lives, it’s hard to ignore the challenge of creating interesting content for all of my clients while not alienating one section of the community.

So that’s it. We’re doing this.

The wedding division of Lollipop is now Pop Wedding Photography!

Here’s the logo. We kind of love it:




Make sure to follow the social media profiles that you’re interested in, and don’t forget to update your email address books:


New website: PopWeddingPhotography.com

New email: Hello@PopWeddingPhotography.com

Facebook: @PopWeddingPhotography

Instagram: @PopWedPhotos



Website: LollipopPhotography.com

Email: Hello@LollipopPhotography.com

Facebook: @LollipopPhotography

Instagram: @LollipopPhoto

Don’t worry…we’re monitoring everything, so if you accidentally send a note to the wrong email address, we’ll get it to the right place.

Oh…and there’s one more thing…

Some of you have already met Amber Garrett, my office manager extraordinaire. She has been keeping everything organized here at Lolli/Pop for the last year, has assisted on shoots for the last two years, and has been second-shooting with me at several weddings.


She also happens to be an extraordinary photographer herself.

She challenges me. She makes me laugh. She keeps me young.

(I finally have Snapchat & Spotify, you guys!)

…but most of all, she reminds me what it feels like to be fearless and just go for it.

That’s the same feeling I had when I started this business.

We are unlikely matches in any other sense, but we have become great friends over the course of the last year and we are to the point where we can read each other’s minds during a wedding day.

I’ll be honest…we’re totally nailing it.


I am excited to announce that she will be taking a more active role in the business.

In addition to continuing to manage schedules and stuff around here (and being a full-time grad student at Mizzou), Amber is also now a second photographer with both Lollipop and Pop Weddings. Her specialties are senior photography, photojournalistic coverage, and, of course, weddings.

If you’d be interested in hiring Amber for your shoot, holler at us!

Parting thoughts…

As I’ve been through this process of completely overhauling my business, there have been times of joy and panic, but mostly the feeling that this is definitely the right thing to do.

I truly have the best clients in the world, and my ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a delightful, memorable experience at their photography session or wedding day, along with their gorgeous images.

This is a step in the right direction, and we will be rolling out even more additions soon that will make your experience even better.

Lollipop Photography and Pop Wedding Photography…let’s do this!

Much love,